Persuasive Sophistication and Diversity

The Lenoir-Rhyne University advertisement in Our State magazine is an image of students hanging out assumably the Lenoir-Rhyne campus. There are five students in total that are visible. The students are dressed in blue and seersucker dresses or button-up shirts along with khakis or dress shorts with dress shoes. There is diversity between them as there is an African-American male student conversing with two other white students. Furthermore, there is a sense of openness because of the outdoor setting and the sun shining down upon the students. This advertisement for Lenoir-Rhyne University is attempting to persuade the viewer that it rather sophisticated and diverse so that they attend Lenoir-Rhyne University.

The advertisement for Lenoir-Rhyne University has a title that in itself is an advertisement for Lenoir-Rhyne University. The title goes as follows “With Sophistication, Style, and Southern Charm… LRU Welcomes You” (1). Within this title, there are several components that allow it to persuade someone to go to Lenoir-Rhyne. One the sophistication and style, it allows for the viewer to associate the university with sophistication, which everyone wants. The style part of this allows for the association with classiness. Second the southern charm, everyone has that one thought about the south and its how friendly it can be. This friendliness can lead someone to believe that this university is very open and friendly towards everyone. Finally, the title ends with a rhyme that makes the viewer think of media such as songs and poems that rhyme and how friendly they are. Especially since it is rhyming with the u sound, which is very soft almost kind, that most likely concludes love songs. Together with all these components, the title of this advertisement is another way that Lenoir-Rhyne University is trying to persuade students to come to the university.

Right below this title for the Lenoir-Rhyne University advertisement is a short text. This short text is yet another way to persuade students to go to this university. In this text, we can see how the university is still trying to get the point across that they are sophisticated and stylish. For example, “Donned in suits, skirts, and seersucker, students at Lenoir-Rhyne University bring a sense of style as polished as our programs of study”(1). This line of text is basically saying these students dressed in a sophisticated manner reflect how our programs are. Yet again Lenoir-Rhyne goes back to the point that the university’s programs are just as sophisticated as their students. To many, this is quite desirable because a student does not want to go to a school with bad programs. Furthermore, “Higher education has never been so dapper”(1). Lenoir-Rhyne is both describing the education it provides as high and the way it presents itself as dapper, which basically means well dressed. Lenoir-Rhyne once again mentions how sophisticated it is and its education. The university is pushing itself as a sophisticated and highly intellectual school in order to persuade the viewer.

Lenoir-Rhyne advertisement in Our State magazine included an image that had several students in it. All dressed in suits and dresses, and diverse with a African-American male included within the group. As said before Lenoir-Rhyne is trying to reflect the way that its student dress to itself. It’s trying to seem very sophisticated since it’s students are quite elegantly dressed in articles of clothing that are usually very classy. Furthermore, Lenoir-Rhyne is trying to appear diverse and open to everyone. In the image itself, it has almost all white students except for one that is conversing with them implying that the university itself is quite diverse and accepting. The university is overall trying to reflect the ways their students are onto them.

The advertisement for Lenoir-Rhyne University in Our State magazine is an advertisement that has an image of several well dressed diverse students. The advertisement itself is trying to attract students to the university by trying to appear sophisticated by reflecting the way their students are onto the university itself.

Works Cited

Lenoir-Rhyne U. Advertisment. Our State, Aug. 2015, p. 1.

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