I don’t really have much issues with writing. Maybe some errors here and there, but other than that, I think I’m alright. I mean I did go to school for almost all my life so far and I’ve learned quite a bit. I especially learned how to describe the world around me. Unlike the first grader me, who would describe things with one phrase that always started with “they”. This was a very bad thing I used to do since I like to take pictures and I see the world around me as a picture.

I remembered that in kindergarten I wasn’t really learning how to write I was learning how to spell, but as soon as I became a first grader my teacher Miss Lieblein wanted us to write stories. One day Miss Lieblein asked us to write about our favorite animal, so I grabbed my piece of paper out. We would write these stories on these gray wide-ruled piece of paper that felt like newspaper and tore easily, which I later found out was named writing paper. I decided that I wanted to write about my favorite animal the tiger. I had to take the time to think about what they did. My first grader mind had never stood in front of a tiger, but he did watch the Saturday morning educational show right before my favorite cartoons. I didn’t have any of the really cool cartoon channels such as Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, or Cartoon Network but there was the CW that had Saturday morning cartoons. On the CW right before my favorite cartoons YuGiOh and Dragon Ball Z there was an educational show about animals. This show gave me my inspiration on what to write about tigers. On the show I saw what the tigers would do by just looking at their movements and their surrounding it was like a picture to me. Everything the tigers would do I could clearly see as a picture that described them. These pictures stayed in my minds while I was writing about tigers.

I began to write about my favorite animal from what I saw in those pictures in my head. I wrote that tigers, Tigers like to run. “They” live in Africa. “They” like to take naps. “They” are like really big cats. “They” are orange with black stripes. “They” are my favorite animal. I was really proud of my work. It matched with the pictures of the lions in my head from the Saturday morning show. I decided to draw a picture to match my description with my first grade drawing capabilities. Once I was done I showed Miss Lieblein and she told me I was wrong. My little first grade brain could not comprehend why. Why was my description of tigers wrong if they do this and that. I spent the next couple of minutes reflecting saying it all back in my head “They” do this, “They” do that, and“They” are, then I flashed back to watching that Saturday morning show. The man with the Australian accent narrating the show was not repeatedly saying “They” over and over again when describing tigers, but he would say “The tigers like to take naps regularly. They hunt for their food because they eat meat. Tigers usually stay by themselves except for cubs and moms”. I say that he would switch up his wording. Instead of using the noun only once and then using a lot of pronouns he would switch it up. Finally I realized what I needed to do and I fixed it and showed it to Miss Lieblein of course I was right. This experience of describing a tiger really helped me learn how to describe things and how to use nouns and pronouns. I figured out that I need to imagine a picture of something and define it with proper wording.

Looking back at this experience I realize that I really like to write descriptions because it is basically like taking a picture but with words. The several years after first grade I started realizing how much I liked photography. I began taking pictures of beautiful or cool things and having learned how to write a description and being able to describe pictures in my head is amazing to me. It has made me want to expand my vocabulary in order to fully translate a picture in my head into words. This experience was the first step in a very long chain of things that awaits me in further my future writings.

The featured image on this post is a representation on what I would’ve drawn at that time period placed above my draft.

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